Welcome to Card Soiree

10.09.18 12:33 AM By anne

Welcome to my first Blog Post…


Why are personalized cards important? I recently mailed a birthday card to an old friend, he sent me back the following response” Thanks so much for the lovely card.  Nobody does this sort of thing anymore...except you! I love it! “ … it made my day! 


 Visiting another friend, I noticed that she still had the Christmas card on her fridge… I chuckled and asked if she was looking forward to Xmas, she replied, “I look at this all the time and it make me realize I am loved”. 


Another friend who is on a challenging health journey shared a picture of a plaque she and her husband saw in the clinic while they were waiting for news.  I recognized the name of the person who created the plaque.  She is a friend from high school, I contacted her and asked if I could use her words to make a card.  She instantly agreed and expressed her happiness that the plaque and the words provided comfort to another.  The card was very much appreciated and provides a touchstone for my friend when times are tough. 


I believe everyone is creative… some of us just need a bit of help getting started.  You know the situation... its’s someone’s birthday, a friend is facing a tough situation, you want to thank a hostess, reach out to someone you haven’t seen for a while….picking up the phone is sometimes hard, going to the mall and being faced with a wall of cards is daunting (and expensive)… time goes by and that thought sticks in your head but doesn’t get ‘dealt’ with.  So how about if you send me an email, call or text me.  We can arrange to meet at your place or mine, to make that perfect card, or I can create it for you.


Card Soirée is our place to share laughs, creativity, to support each other and share a few treats along the way.  This blog post will also share the amazing products and promotions from Stampin’ Up!  Let me know if you would like a current catalogue. We can arrange for you and a friend to come to a free stamping class.  Do you need a new idea for fundraising, or are looking to have a ‘friends at my place’ time?   Let Card Soirée and Stampin’ Up! Unleash new ideas and opportunities.


Shortly I will be posting details of the Fall 2018 Card Soirée events…. Learn how to emboss, use mixed media, different types of colouring tool and make some cool hostess gifts.  In the meantime, please wander around the site, check out the card galleries, let me know in the comments that you are on the journey with me… and let’s create together