How to place an order

How to order your card(s).  If you would like your cards shipped, please ensure you complete the address section.  You are welcome to come pick up your completed order from our home.  Please make sure I have an email address, phone number or contact me through Facebook messenger to ensure I  can get your order absolutely accurate. Once we are sure that all is on order I will send an invoice with instructions on how payment can be made.  E-Transfer, Paypal and cash in person are preferred.

Each card has a unique name, copy it into the form, including the number of copies of that card you wish.  There is room in the computer form to add all the cards you want to order. Use the special requests section to let me know if a specific card should have changes made (colour or type of greeting required) along with any questions you have.

 I will begin your order as soon as I receive it, generally it will take about 2 days to get it ready to mail.  If you want/need it more quickly let me know. Cards are available to be picked up or sent by expedited mail if necessary.

 Shipping is $1.50 per card for 1-5 cards, if you order 6-15 cards shipping is capped at $5. 

I very much appreciate your interest in Card Soirée and hope to build a great connection with you.